Swollen wrist after IV

Posted by julietann1980 @julietann1980, Jul 6, 2019

He just got out of the hospital yesterday this is where his iv was and arm braclet its red and swollen good or bad

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@julietann1980 I'm surprised the Dr. let him leave . See the Dr right away that doesn't look good . This isn't the usuall size of his wrist is it? If not go back to hospital or E. R. about it


@julietann1980 – Welcome to Connect. I know that must be scary for you. And of course, no problems start on weekdays – all of mine come up on the weekend. I'm feeling for you. I think you posted this morning. Has there been any change?


@julietann1980– I'm sorry that your husband left the hospital with a problem. I had this too. It's an infection and should be looked at immediately. An antibiotic is needed. Sometimes the redness doesn't show up until you get home. Can you call or see your doctor asap?


Hi @julietann1980 and welcome to Connect.
I agree with the others, you definitely should contact your doctor or get to the ER. I suppose it is possible if the IV was there that there is an accumulation of fluid, but don't take chances. Please let us know what you find out. Thanks.

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