My experience with Endocrinology and more at Mayo Clinic

Posted by mcmurf2 @mcmurf2, Nov 14, 2019

not sure where to post this. but I just wanted to say how GREAT my experience at Mayo was. I had 11 appts including lab and x-ray in 2 days time. All rolled along well. EVERYONE at the whole facility was MORE than helpful from secretarial staff to the doctors. EVERYONE that is involved with Mayo is courteous. My only complaint was my motel… but.. got thru it.. I return on the 26th of this month. 4 more appts. Monitor: please feel free to place this post where it belongs.

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Hi @mcmurf2 thank you for sharing your experience! Was this in the endocrinology department?

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yes,, it was endo, gyno, ortho and general of course. lots of activity..ha Have follow up appts with endo and gyno in a couple weeks


@mcmurf2 I'm so glad to hear that your appointment went so well! I'll look forward to hearing from you again after your follow-up appointment.

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