My doctors know nothing

Posted by Turkey @tomrennie, Jun 13, 2023

There seems to be a general distrust of all doctors. That is sad. No matter how much homework I do, no matter how much I read and study, no matter how many big words I can regurgitate, I am still not a doctor. I can find anything on the Internet to contradict everything my doctors have told me. I choose not to do that. I choose to work with them. We have cancer. Testing for it, treating it, and living with it is going to hurt. There is no avoiding it. But working with and trusting my doctors has significantly reduced my pancreatic NET tumors. My innumerable lesions on my liver have stabilized. 9 months of CAPTEM have made a huge difference. The first few months were hard. The CAPTEM made me so sick. But working with my doctors, we found some support meds that make the treatment tolerable. I am mid cycle, and I am going for a morning walk with my dog. Getting out of bed wasn't possible 9 months ago. I love my doctors.

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Your words have expressed an attitude that is positive and worthy of repeating, Tom. As we can never be happy with the idea of having cancer, we do need to appreciate the work that the medical profession has done and the care that they are able to provide.

As we allow ourselves to be proactive in our own care, i.e., learning as much as we can about this rather onery disease, finding the best specialists to treat us, we do need to relax and accept the help we are being given and be appreciative.

I've gotten into a habit, which I'm sure is not an original thought, but when my hospital system sends out requests for donations, I will often send a small donation. I will ask that it be to "honor" one of my doctors. In that way, I feel I have expressed my appreciation in a way that will help with research and care for others.

Once again, thanks for this great reminder to appreciate the medical care that we receive. Gratefulness always helps, in whatever way we express it.


You are welcome Teresa. I remember when I first got diagnosed 8/22/2022. Thee lead Doctor came in. He was wearing a huge smile. I thought that he was about to give me good news. He told me that I had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and that it spread to my liver. I told him that I didn't think his news was good news. He said that was the best news he gets to give all day. I told him I couldn't do his job. I would cry all day. He said that can happen. He is human after all.

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