My bronchiectasis specialist is leaving!

Posted by rits @rits, Nov 5, 2019

After recently reporting that my dr was the second speaker at the recent National Jewish symposium and telling you how much I like her, she called this morning and told me that she is leaving the U of Chicago and going to Tyler, Texas. I am distraught!!!! How can she do this to me? Texas is REALLY far from Chicago!

I believe that some of you are being treated at National Jewish or Mayo but live far away. I will have a local pulmonologist but I hope Dr McShane will continue to treat my bronchiectasis and any little bugs that show up in my diseased lungs. How does that work?

I just read patient reviews for UT Tyler Hospital, the pulmonary dept in particular. Many patients complained of overbooking and having to wait an extra ordinate amount of time to be seen. One 80 yr old said she waited two hours. I saw only one favorable about having only a 5 min. wait. One patient said they were there, nurse took vitals, got an x-ray, but never saw the dr. because they were over-booked. If you are a traveling patient, I would go with Mayo in Jacksonville instead. They are run like a well oiled machine and have the best medical teams.

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