My body is like shrinking no matter what I eat

Posted by Anmol @anmol, Jun 29, 2013

I suffer from theses symptoms from my childhood probably. I am 21 now. I have gone to various doctors but none could help me. I eat a lot and nothing of outside. No oily, fried, spicy food. And I don't have fast metabolism.


1. General weakness

2. No growth in stamina

3. Very thin wrists and lower leg.

4. Pain in lower legs

4. In winters, legs and especially Hands get cold and white.

5. Hair are dry and breaks a lot, skin is also dull and dry.

6. No weight and Height growth since 4-5 years

7. I can see my lungs.

8. My buttock is flat and sitting makes it pain.

8. I go to toilet 3 times a day but sometimes it is 3 times in the morning and 2-3 times later in the day.

Why is that my body doesn't extract nutrition from the food I eat? Its like I eat, body extract energy for survival and it gets out. No growth.. As if my body is shrinking

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It sounds like you should have your thyroid checked.


It sounds like you should have your thyroid checked.

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I would check for thyroid too and celiac


find an experienced DOM, doctor of oriental medicine. by taking your pulses they can determine the energetics of your main organs. sounds like your spleen /pancreas might be very weak. also celiac for gluten sensitivity is something you should definitely be checked for. parasites are another possibility. I had giardia and became very weak and thin over 5 years because doctors and their tests could not diagnose it.. if you are not absorbing nutrients it will affect just about everything in your body.

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