My 4 year old grandson has bouts with anger. He hits, bites,

Posted by Grammy Tammy @grammytammy, Mar 23, 2012

My 4 year old grandson has bouts with anger. He hits, bites, spits, pulls hair, throws things, etc. He also tells the ones he loves (mother, grandmother, etc.) that he doesn't love them or doesn't want to ever come to their house again. My son and his wife have taken him off of foods that may have an affect on his behavior. They are going Monday afternoon to see if he is bipolar. I pray to God that this is not the case. Is there anyone who would like to discuss this with me? Thanks!!

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My grandson 7 years old. At the age of 2 years old he was told that he had asperger. We work with him, but now he is showing sign of bipolar. It is not as bad as your grand son yet, It could be some of the medicine that he is taking for his asperger problem. I can tell you that I have research many of the mental problems they have.
The first thing you must accept the fact that he has a mental problem and work with him and don't worry about what the peaple say. When we are in the public and my grandson acts up we tell the people that look at him as he is not getting the right up-brining . We tell them that he has asperger. And that helps., Many people are understanding mental problems.There is hope for anybody that has a mental problem. There is many programs and medicine that will help your grandson and if he has bipolar there is medicine. that will help. I'm not saying that they can be cure, but they can be help. All the family needs to understand the problem and work with the doctors.and social workers. The boy can learn and live a life that he can understand,.like doing things for himself Don't loose hope and if he has a problem, work with him.You will have many bad days if your grandson has a problem.Just understad that the boy has the problem. Tell the parents that their is help and if they don't think that doctors is helpping get another one until they do fine out what their son has. Hope all goes will and I will pray for the family. Tell them to fine association in the area they live in and join they will get alot of help.
I'm sorry I wrote you a book, but as you will see you can not explane the situation just in a few words and it help you to talk to someone.

Hope and understanding


Hi Sorry that you have to go through this worrying situation with your Grandson. I have worked with special needs children, asphergers, adhd and other children with behavioural issues as well. Please go down different avenues with this as well. An assessment can be done. I have seen children also that are gifted can show behavioural issues as well. I worked in this field for 7 years so have seen alot in that time. A child physcologist could organize the necessary testing. Only a thought. Please let me know how you get along here if you need me Take Care Piglit

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