Muscles wasting???

Posted by mommaof2 @mommaof2, Sep 14 11:53pm

Approx 2 weeks ago I noticed a vertical indention going all the way across the top of my thigh bilaterally. approx 3 inches above my knee and approx 1 inch wide. Any ideas what it could be? Not sure if it is related but all the sudden I am getting full super fast and losing approx a pound every other day. I am 44 years old.

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This is what it looks like on both thighs. ( not my picture)


@mommaof2 Hello and welcome to Connect. I can understand your concern. These are symptoms that according to Mayo Clinic should not be ignored because those can be early indications of a more serious problem. At the same time, don't panic because early detection of any medical problem gives you a better chance of curing or managing it.

Here is a link to information from Mayo that could be a starting point for discussions with your doctor. It is always good to ask questions about symptoms because those are clues to your doctor to look further for more information.
I have had muscle wasting in my shoulders, but mine came as a result of a spine injury that lead to spine surgery and had some neurological symptoms. Since having surgery to decompress my spinal cord, some of the muscle has come back, and my function is fairly normal.

Have you scheduled an appointment with your physician to ask your questions?

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