muscle spasms

Posted by terriesullivan @terriesullivan, Mar 3, 2019

I'm 2 weeks out from TKR and I'm having really bad muscle spams. I asked the doctor for some kind of muscle relaxer but the I didn't like the stuff he gave me,I'm able to do all the exercises and have been able bend my leg 119 degrees which therapy says is great.Still using paint meds every 4 hrs.but the spasms are killing me. anybody have suggestions I would appreciate them.

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Hi @terriesullivan – Welcome to Connect! I've had two TKR's – my most recent 1/29/19. Thankfully, I did not experience muscle spasms. I know they must be driving you crazy on top of everything else you have to deal with. Here are a couple of questions: did you use – or are you still using – compression hose? My doctor kept me in them day and night for two weeks. Also, did yours prescribe any anti-inflammatory? Mine prescribed Celebrex which ended up causing stomach problems but I think it definitely helped in the first weeks. I believe I would explore this further with your doctor. Are you due for a followup soon? I'm wishing you the best. Keep me posted on how things work out.

Oh… here is a thread you might be interested in. It's hip surgery, but the thread discusses muscle spasms and how various members dealt with them:


@terriesullivan Two weeks out is that not far, have you asked your doctor if spasms are unusual or something to be concerned about? You already have an enviable flex for that amount of time. I have not had a hip replacement, just two TKRs, but I have not heard of any of the people I know with hip replacements having spasms.
I see the title on the link that @debbraw sent — 2 years after hip replacement! I hope you get relief much, much sooner than that. I will be interested in hearing what the doctor and/or physical therapist say.

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