Muscle soreness/stiffness a year after total knee replacement

Posted by cindymattern @cindymattern, Nov 13 8:12am

I am 14 months out from a right total knee replacement. I have a great ROM (120), can do most anything however I’m still getting very sore/stiff in the evening as well as sometimes during the day and it prevents me from doing things though I still push through. My lower thigh above the knee and to the left side of the knee it still hurts and is so sore. I am faithful with my exercises, gone through PT 2x, ride my recumbent bike, had MFR, walk 5-10,000 steps a day and nothing seems to help the soreness and stiffness. I do feel better wearing jeans due to come compression around the area but many compression sleeves are to tight and make it feel worst after a few hours as you can only wear them so long. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do for the constant soreness and stiffness? I cannot take Nsaids and Tylenol doesn’t do much and I really do not want to take stronger pain meds because of severe constipation issues (that’s another story). Surgeon says the knee itself is really good and I feel it’s mostly issues with all the muscles. Thanks for any suggestions I have not tried.

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I would suggest giving PEMF therapy a try, that's pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. It really helped me when I learned about it 6 months post-surgery and I still use a home unit several times a week as I approach my one year anniversary of TKR. Another suggestion is acupuncture.

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