Multiple bilateral neuroendocrine lung tumors grade 1

Posted by xosefa @xosefa, Jun 5 11:30pm

Biopsia with VAT surgery and PET found multiple bilateral neuroendocrine lung tumors grade 1, K67 1 % . Slow growth. Blood and urine exams for specifics are OK. Oncologist only recomends checking in 6 months. I am a female 81 years old. Any advice, comments?

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Slow growing is good! How large is the largest tumor? It makes me wonder if you have DIPNECH. Do you have any respiratory symptoms? For how long? Octreotide injections every four weeks can alleviate symptoms. I’m at Ki-67 2% with 50+ bilateral NETs/DIPNECH tumors discovered in 2008 but symptoms for 30 years. I’m 65 and they are still stage 1. Given your age it doesn’t sound overly concerning, but chronic coughing and shortness of breath can be annoying. Are you being seen by a NETs multidisciplinary team?


Thank you for your input. I only have a few epidodes of dry cough and extreme fatigue with dyspnea. Right now feeling quite good. Hope you are feeling better. Good to know this is a very slow growth cancer. A group of oncologist review my case. They agree I just have to check with CT in 6 months. At my age I will probably visit the beyond from some other problem.

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