What causes the loss of mucus membrane?

Posted by learningstudent @learningstudent, May 3 7:48pm

Hi all, I am just wondering what causes losing all mucus membrane or sweating, saliva or any secretion? Recently I seem to lose oil on my face, do not sweat, dried mouth and dried skin and also lose all the snot and nasal mucus? No doctors could diagnose what is happening and that makes me scare and anxious.


Just wonder what the cause is that triggers the loss of mucous membrane? I have seen several docs and all tests come back normal. The few symptoms that I have which l have listed or discussed in other sections of this forum or community. I have had echo, ekg, Holter monitor and stress test for my heart, everything is ok. I have also had Ana reflex panel for immune disorder, everything comes back negative or normal. According to the comments

“ Screen negative by IFA and multiplex.
Therefore negative for the following specific antibodies: dsDNA,
chromatin, ribosomal P, Sm, RNP, SSA/Ro, SSB/La, Centromere, Scl70
and Jo1.”

Also the ANTI SSA/RO & ANTI SSB/LA are less than 0.2.

And then VITAMIN B12,SRM and FOLATE,SERUM are also normal within range.

In addition I have also had the brain mri without contrast and everything seems normal too.
On top of that, I have lung ct scan everything comes back normal too. Unfortunately I have still been suffering the undiagnosed health condition

1) bloated stomach and feel full all the times and do not feel thirsty. Only too small meals a day and if I eat too much it becomes difficult for me to breathe. In addition, I also have infrequent bowel movement, and yellow thin stool all the times and sometimes diarrhea.

2) feel cold in the left soft palate when mouth breathing. I also cannot talk for long and have to pause and take a deep breath half a min or so because I feel cold air in my left chest. The sinking left chest feeling where the left and right chest do not align with each other.

3) Difficulty breathing occurs every day but that happens in a certain time in a day. When that happens, the back of the area below my right shoulder blade hurts as well as the middle of my right chest. And I have to breathe through mouth. Then I feel cold air entering into the airway of my left lung. Then my left chest twitches.

4) it seems it is getting worse, my nose seems to dysfunctions. Without water or gel, it seems there is no airflow resistance. When I breathe there seems to be a lot of air especially cold air entering both of my nostrils. The nasal passages are empty with no mucus or boogers. On top of that my turbinates do not work. They do not swell or shrink and moisturize Or humidify the air I breathe in. They do not know how to adapt to the weather change. So I have to use nasal gel or saline wrist to make moisturize and block the nasal passage to feel slightly better. In addition when things flare up, I also have right throat and pin and needle sensation in my face.

5) Cold band and feet and they keep sweating and this occurs throughout the day. They do not happen at night.

6) heart pounding or heart rate increases whenever I wake up from sleep. Also dizziness occurs when getting up from bed or couch. The cardiologist said I do not have pots and he checked my blood pressure, everything is normal. Also while eating, my heart rate increases from 80 or 85 to 110.

7) It seems that I have lost mucus function, I have dried mouth, no nasal mucus and my eyes are pretty dried too esp after waking up, I have pink eyes. Also my face does not seem to produce oil and if ther is just too little.

I am just wondering if anybody knows or at least shed some light on this. Or at least could pinpoint one of the specific symptoms mentioned above and what is the likely or possible cause? Because most docs do not seem to care esp those who work in the clinic without communicating with one another or they cannot diagnose the symptom.

I am sure it is due to the nervous system or some kinds of immune diseases.

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I have had dry eyes and issues with dry nasal passages. For the eyes, liquid tears, PM ointment at night and an RX for pataday. I often wear an eye mask at night, which helps keep moisture in. I use aquaflor with a q tip for nose; but maybe you might try a cpap, which allows moisture with heat while breathing. My mouth is dry; have to brush 2x day, once without toothpaste and use waterpic to keep gums and teeth in good shape.Xylimelt and biotene can help, too. Mouthguard for clenching. I have MCTD, with a touch of sjogrens, I think.

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