MS and TKR

Posted by babette @babette, Mar 5, 2019

Does anyone have MS? Have you noticed ways it has an impact on your TKR or vice versa? I’m thinking mostly about healing time (I’m 7 months out), but also about ongoing pain that just doesn’t resolve despite gentle PT and stationary bike for 30 minutes per day.

Hello @babette. Here is a discussion you may also want to check out in the Brain & Nervous System group, It is a group of people living with MS introducing themselves and chatting. It may help to ask this question there as well, and then I could help bring them back to this discussion. @babette, how has your healing gone so far? Do you think you are behind what your surgeon and PT providers think you should be at?


@JustinMcClanahan Thanks for referring me to the MS group; I will follow up there. My healing has been very slow. I follow an at-home PT/bike protocol that was given to me by a surgeon I sought out for a second opinion. I can feel things getting better, but still cannot use stairs without doing the step-together-step method and that drives me nuts. Going downstairs is even harder and I have stairs! Thanks again for the referral, I'll head over there now.

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