MRI results show bulging discs: what are my options?

Posted by saleha59 @saleha59, Oct 22, 2020

I recently learned I have some bulging discs again(past history of this 2 decades ago, HAD totally numb feet back then). I also have a vertebrae out of place. All are pressing on spinal cord(worse with the lower vertebrae). My one foot is tingly, one numb toe, and I cannot walk far because of my hip. Pain is severe lower back both side and right hip. Both legs take turns on weakness and pain. I just started with physical therapy and was wondering your opinions on if I should also see a chiropractor too. (A chiro helped decades ago with my first bulging discs. But years later I had to stop because I have fibromyalgia too and the chiro I had made EVERYTHING worse, I could barely walk for 3 months. I am doing whatever I can to NOT have surgery and to get that one lower vertebrae back in place before more damage happens. My spine specialist(physiatrist) also suggested injections since so many nerves are giving me grief. RFA helped with my neck, but not back(injections never really helped much) but to get RFA I had to get injections first(thanks to my insurance, ugh). He is thinking my sacroiliac joint area. OK, so my question is, can a physical therapist move my lower vertebrae back to where it belongs or should I just start seeing a chiro. I know they can adjust bones back in place.

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I have 3 bulging disks. I've started physical therapy. Am I going in the right direction?

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I was diagnosed with a herniated disc and disc bulges years ago, and was told by 2 surgeons I needed back surgery.
By some miracle I found John Sarno's books, Healing Back Pain and The Mind Body Prescription. I worked with the recommendations in the books for a couple months and I've been pretty much pain free ever since. When I do have an occasional flare-up, I get his books out and within a few days the pain subsides.
There are many amazing stories like mine on under Healing Back Pain.

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