Multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) over diagnosis?

Posted by handera @handera, Dec 2, 2023

Due to an accelerating PSA (5.06 to 7.8 in 7 months) a MPMRI (multiparametric MRI) was ordered that indicated 3 lesions (PIRADS 3, 4 and 5 - one each). Fusion biopsy targeted the three lesions and 12 additional random cores obtained (21 cores total). Results indicated two of the lesions were Gleason 3 + 3, but the random cores found 2 additional cores with small percentages of Gleason 3 + 4. My question is whether it is typical for an MRI not to find the more aggressive cancer? Could it be due to the fact that the MRI machine was a 1.5T and not the more advanced 3.0T type? Or was it simply a misread MRI????

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On my journey I have been diagnosed with BPH that has morphed into possible PC cancer because of the PSA test interpretation because I chose to pursue the REZUM treatment. As a result I struggle to manage my anxiety regarding PC..... I am resisting invasive procedures until I am convinced there is adequate risk/reward compared to watchful waiting. I am no longer pursuing REZUM and have re committed to meds and supplements which thankfully still work. I will be starting from scratch in January as I am seeing a new and different Urologist.


Definitely recommend pet scan.Had one last month which showed spot on 6th rib.After medical oncologist group consultation they determined spot had been there on previous scans and biopsy not necessary

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