Moyamoya life after a STA-MCA

Posted by Rdrreed @rdrreed, Jul 16, 2017

I was diagnosed with Moya Moya in 2008 after having no blood flow on the right side of my brain and a complete right MCA occlusion. After two sever strokes I underwent bypass surgery at Phoenix Barrows with Dr. Nakaji in July 2008. Since 2011 I have suffered more than 26 migraines a month along with multi TIA’s and undergo treatment for them every 10 weeks and am on many meds. After my last MRI and CT scans a few weeks ago they are indicating al low incident of blood getting to the revasculated area but an increase in mean time. I am worried that they are not treating me accordingly and the pain I suffer daily is getting to the point that I am done with everything. Any treatment ideas or additional surgeries that would be helpful have been declined as risk. Help!

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@rdrreed Hello and welcome to Mayo Connect – I’m glad to see that you joined our online patient support group! I’m sorry to hear of your problems with Moyamoya. I can certainly understand your concerns regarding appropriate treatment. Having that many migraines sounds like a difficult problem. I found some information from Mayo’s website that might be helpful.
There is a Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, perhaps a second opinion from them would be a good place to discuss these concerns. Have you been to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix?



Hello @rdrreed

I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. Have you found any other treatments to help ease your symptoms?


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