More stressed over the Covid test then the surgery itself

Posted by maya8238 @maya8238, Dec 20, 2022

Has anyone had surgery pushed back over a positive Covid test? What if someone is totally asymptomatic and tests positive for Covid? They would rather you sit with Cancer in your body than Operate? Some people test positive for months after Covid. The test before surgery has been stressing me out more than colorectal surgery. What are your thoughts on this.

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@maya8238 Well, it does happen. But I think maybe you are "projecting" your fears about the surgery onto this small detail.
My own primary provider had surgery postponed for 9 days due to a positive Covid test. She said when she was asymptomatic 7 days after the test, the surgery was immediately rescheduled. So, unless you get a serious case of Covid, this need not be a concern. (And if you were seriously ill with Covid, you wouldn't want to add major surgery on top of it anyway.)

I had 2 surgeries during the height of Covid. I was advised to isolate myself as much as possible, and mask when out, for 7-10 days before the Covid test, then go back home & stay isolated until I reported to the hospital. That limited the possibility of infection.

Do you currently have Covid? Are you able to isolate/mask for the 2 weeks or so before surgery?


I isolated also prior to my surgery; I was the same more stressed about failing the covid test than the colon surgery. originally I was told I had to take a test 7 days before than the hospital changed that requirement. Check to see what the current guidelines are at your facility.

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