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Months of Chest Pain - Please help

Posted by @capt209, Nov 19, 2017

Hello all,

My name is Brandon and I’m a 34 year old male. I’m excited to get signed up on here and hopeful this may help my anxiety which is through the roof! I have been through ongoing chest pain for the past 4 months. The pain started off as a pinch on the left side of chest. It evolved into a pinch and pressure onto the right side of chest. It would be nearly daily, but didn’t really get worse after meals or doing a lot of exercising. The pain then started radiating to my shoulders and sometimes into my arms but rarely. Now, it radiates into my jaw occasionally. I get a wierd fluttering in my chest occasionally when I lay down, but when i sit up and get doing stuff I don’t realize it much. Now the chest pain mainly feels like pressure in my chest snd i get occsssional sharp pains on the lower portion of my ribs and sometimes on each side of my sternum. What could this be?

Here’s what all I’ve had done….
CT scan of heart and heart echo – found i have a slightly dialated aerota at the base that they will monitor yearly. I also have a bicuspid aerota valve with moderate regurgitation. Cardiologist does not think my heart is causing the pains. I have no blockages at all and they aren’t concerned at all of a heart attack.

I was scoped and found i have a moderate to large hiatal hernia and esophagitas. They also did a manometry test and found I was having esophogas spasms. I am set to have a bravo test this week to see if acid reflux might be the cause. I bet that will show that is the case because I’ve had acid reflux since my late teens / early 20s.

During my CT scan, they saw a slightly enlarged lymphnode…which i think was on the right side of my chest. They said they would recheck that in 6 months. I had a cold or infection during that test and had some congestion and they say that may of been the reason for that.

I have been on a proton pump inhibitor, zantac and tums as needed but i haven’t really noticed much of an improvement on them, if at all.

I have back problems and a neck injury as well. They also think that may be the cause of the chest pain. I had an MRI which did not show any nerve compression but I am constantly battling neck and back pain, sometimes severe.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks all,


@capt209 Hi, Brandon. Just noticed your symptoms, and there may be a few things you have not found yet. I list the symptoms and other stuff. About 80% of proven Amyloidosis present all of these. First, chest pinch on left side of chest. Mayo says that may (probably) be an infected or enlarged spleen. Mine is about half way between the point of the shoulder and the left nipple. Symptom of systemic amyloidosis. Anxiety. Same. Pinch and Pressure on Right Side, Both this and left side pinch can be shoulder tendon problems, also from Amy invasion. Same with esophageal spasms, and eosinophilic overload. Heart A-Fib same. A-V Block? Sounds like it. Moderate regurgitation in heart, with A-Fib? Amyloidosis, probably primary systemic, perhaps ATTR. Slight dizziness on standing? Pain at lower ribs? Kidneys, pancreas, constipation possible. Alternating constipation/diarrhea? Amy. No improvement with Zantac, etc? Same. Amy.Back and neck stuff? Nodules of Amy on spine. Stenosis, etc. Read my own story at https://bit.Ly/1w7j4j8 Free. Selling nothing. Have your doc get you a SERUM FreeLiteChain assay. Can be done by ARUP Labs, Mayo, any top lab. But NO secondary LOCAL labs will be able to handle it. If your number is 1.6 or higher, mg/deciliter, Follow through with other testing for mis-folded protein. Good luck, and get my Amyloidosis story and read it thoroughly, and same with your doctor. Let us know what happens. Make sure your hematologist is willing to work with one of the specialty labs, Mayo MN, Stanford, ARUP, Brigham and Women’s, Sloan-Kettering, City of Hope, Fred Hutchinson. If there is any hesitation at all in this matter, find another hematologist immediately. And watch the videos from Mayo with Martha Grogan about Amyloidosis.

Hello Brandon
Sounds like you have a lot of multiple problems that are causing a lot of discomfort and anxiety. One more thing to consider as a contributor to your discomfort and anxiety is the psoas muscle. Look it up on an anatomy image. I am a massage therapist. I often deal with people that have anxiety problems. The psoas muscle is sometimes referred to as the iliopsoas muscle because the psoas and iliacus muscles of the hip are related in structure and function. The psoas muscle is known as the muscle of the soul because It is a large muscle that seems to react to stress. This causes disfunction and shortening of the muscle. Today’s world involves more setting behind a desk on the computer which also may contribute to its shortening. The psoas is in a shortened state when seating. After a lot of seating, it acquires this shortened state. The psoas attaches to the front side of the spine–starting at the T12 vertebrae ( around mid back area) to the L3 vertebrae and travels in front of the hip and finally attaches at the lesser trochanter of the femur. At the T1 vertebrae area the diaphragm ligament structure attaches to the top of the psoas. The shorten psoas cause the diaphragm to not fully expand and slightly effect your breathing process. If you suffer from the continual effects of a shortened poses it may cause discomfort and stimulate the “fight or flight mechanism” and thus the pain and anxiety. Hopefully, this may not be your case, but wanted to mention it as an additional contributor to your problems. Consider getting massages to help manage your stress.

@capt209 Brandon I had a large paraesophageal (sliding) hiatal hernia. It can pull the stomach up into the chest and cause shortness of breath and chest pain. A lot of other things can too. I’m sure once you have run the gamut of tests you will get the answers. Keep us updated.

@capt209 wow I have verbatim exactly what you have going on. Same history. Same form and location of chest discomfort. History of taking PPIs. I went for the bravo and endoscopy first because my family doc recommended it based on my GERD history. Everything was fine. No issues. Now I’m headed to cardiology in 10 days. Did you find a resolution? It’s driving me nuts but mostly the anxiety of thinking Im about to have a heart attack at the age of 39. Hopefully you found something. Thanks! Jeff

Hello, @jemrich. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm sorry to hear about the chest discomfort and also about the anxiety it is causing, which is natural. Sounds like you are taking reasonable steps to see your doctor, get some initial tests done, and then go see cardiology next.

Here is some information from Mayo Clinic on chest pain that you may find useful:

Hoping that @fourof5zs @capt209 @llwortman @predictable @parus may have some thoughts and insights on the chest pain and discomfort you are experiencing with everything coming up fine on your 48-Hour Bravo Esophageal pH Test and endoscopy thus far, history of taking PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) and now looking at possible heart causes next.

As you are waiting the next week plus for your cardiology appointment, I'm wondering if you've found anything thus far that alleviates the discomfort in your chest at all?

Hey thank you for replying! I see cardio next Wednesday so I’m excited to see if they have some insight. The discomfort/pain has subsided a little the past few days while on vacation at the beach. Not sure if the relaxation and ocean water has something to do with it. If so, guessing I have to move to the ocean! Also I didn’t mention that the beginning of this chest issue started my 3rd day into taking a script for Adderall. I’ve suffered with ADHD for quite sometime and I finally broke down and was evaluated. Script was for 20mg of XR. I stopped taking after 3 days. Week later switched to 5mg of IR as needed then a few weeks later landed on 10mg of XR as needed. It’s helped immensely with my ADHD but might? Be causing this chest issue. Not sure. Hopefully cardio has some answers. I stopped taking it about 4 days ago too so I could see if there was any correlation between the meds and the chest issues. There could be some placebo affect to the discomfort being less. Not sure. I certainly don’t want to damage my heart if that is what’s happening. The meds could have nothing to do with it too. Thanks for checking in. I’ll post an update after cardio. Thank you. Jeff

Hey Brandon! Sounds a lot like me!!!!!! I’ve had chest pain for over a year and it is more frequent the last few months. I’ve had several EKGs stress test echocardiogram blood tests and all look good or so they say. Lol it’s drivng me crazy! My blood pressure was a lil high so they got me on lisinopril and that helped the BP but the pain is still here. It’s normally good in the mornings and usually starts hurting around midday. It hurts normally on the left side but the last week it’s been on my right side and middle. If it’s a heart attack I’m having the longest one in history! I would live to k ow if anyone got any answers. Thanks!

@capt209 @russellbeard
Your symptoms are very similar to mines. I have had chest pain over 4 months so far. I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis in August after rushing to ER for sudden chest pain one morning. I never had radiating chest pain before, so just like many other people would mistakenly think, I thought it was heart attack. And it turned out to be it was not heart attack. Through endoscopy my doctor discovered I have gastritis and I had been on proton pump inhibitor as well for the last 3 month. I also have ongoing back pain prior to gastritis diagnosis for over 4 years. I will post details of my symptom soon. Please check it out.

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