Posted by Lisa @techi, Nov 18, 2018

Last week l just got a lab result from my surgeon office. I felt dizzy and l knew my ammonia levels were high. I always know when something is wrong. So l asked her would she order an ammonia test and she did. Now this was on Oct 30th. So my general practice doctor retired and l wrote him about when l went to the mayo clinic last year. I told him the doctor who saw me when he saw my levels from his visits. The doctor wasn't to concerned but he really was in question about the test. Were the accurate or not. I just found out that the lab system we use is outdated. So when my levels were in the 54- 63 range it wasn't accurate. It was higher. So now thank Gpd they changed it our new levels is anything over 72 is toxic. And now my last reading 73 so they said l was toxic but even though it shows that. My new general practice doctor wants to still say l have conversion disorder but now its conversion disorder with convulsion or seizure and then my old neurologist will say wi th H depression and anxiety. But no one wants to say that the liver procedure was done wrong and one shunt isn't going the way it should. I guess it's to obvious for negligence.

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