Migraine help while on tamoxifen

Posted by auksst @auksst, Apr 21 7:07am

Anyone have migraines from tamoxifen? Anything that helps relieve them?

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@auksst, a few members like @bluebird70 and @dick61 have mentioned experiencing headaches possibly related to tamoxifen, but not migraines.

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Auksst, have you had migraines before taking tamoxifen? Do you have a history of medication sensitivity? I ask because was reminded of @kellyc14's experience with medication sensitity.


Hi @auksst — The hope I'll throw out there is often I've had side-effects from meds that went away once my body adjusted. I can think of a couple common meds (non-cancer) that gave me a headache for the first two months then never again even though I took them for years. I've also had some of my side-effects from cancer meds improve over time. I hope your migraines stop as suddenly as they started.

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