Methadone for pain management?

Posted by kimspr3 @kimspr3, Aug 5, 2019

My PM gave me a script for Methadone. Read the side effects! I don’t need that. Has anyone been on it for PAIN. Had to go to ER last night because of reaction and more pain to Clonidine. It’s keeping me in bed. It has a Anesthesia effect but why more pain. It’s in my pain pump. I don’t have the strength to call him again. I am having a reaction but the. Does anyone know who I can contact Mayo Clinic? All Of a sudden I’m afraid to speak up to Dr.. Bed, will not be my life! Funny, Again, I did not do this to myself “a drug”

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Hello @kimspr3. I'd like to invite @basslakeview, @mary121658, @diknzn, @bigjohn, and @daddylonglegs who have all talked about taking methadone for pain, albeit for varying causes.

@kimspr3, here is another discussion about the pain rehabilitation center at Mayo Clinic, If you are wondering on how to seek a second opinion or appointment from Mayo Clinic, here is some more information on that route as well, @kimspr3, if you don't mind me asking, is there a particular diagnosis that is causing you more pain than any other?


Justin, thank you for giving me the information and responding. Sure you can ask,I have, Adhesive Arachnoiditis. It is a well known disease, Neurosurgeons, Spinal Surgeons, Ignored by the majority of the profession. Involves the Lumbar Spine, severe nerve damage, scaring stuck to the nerves and more. A.A. is difficult to explain but may I suggest to access the site, The Burton Report, Adhesive Arachnoiditis. Another site, PPM [Practical Pain Management] I would like a second opinion with Pain Management Specializing in AA.. I will look into it and I thank you so much.

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