Metarrestin: Is it the next hope?

Posted by ampeltekian @ampeltekian, Apr 11, 2023

I've been reading alot about Metarrestine on both the ASCO and NIH sources. It is a totally different approach in attacking cancer. It has proven effectiveness in Pancreatic cancer as well as MBC.

It seems that they are on the first phase of human trials to determine the dose. It should end in December 2023.

I would like to know more and be updated on Metarrestine. Any information would raise the hopes of many of us.

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I found this information for anyone interested in learning more about Metarrestin.
- Experimental Cancer Drug Metarrestin Targets Metastatic Tumors

Is this the phase 1 trial you're referring to @ampeltekian?
- Clinical Trial: Metarrestin (ML-246) in Subjects With Metastatic Solid Tumors


Thanks Colleen, I did have this information on the NIH page.

I just wanted a source to get on-going updates.

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