Posted by danye1 @danye1, Sep 18 2:02pm

There’s research showing that Metanx, a prescription Vitamin B supplement, promotes significant increases in epidermal nerve fiber density and reduced paresthesia after six months of taking it daily. Has anyone tried and benefitted from taking Metanx? My neuro wasn’t familiar with it but when I explained it contains B6 she grew concerned. Apparently too much B6 causes neuropathy.

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@danye1, Too much B6 does cause neuropathy so for me it's not going help. I had that concern when a Mayo neurologist mentioned it to me also. More than adequate research available on B6. It would be totally different if you were deficient in B6 or having issues absorbing it. Lot's of discussion on the B6 here:

— B-6 vitamin danger!:

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