Metacure trial not successful for me

Posted by aldenrobert @aldenrobert, Mar 16 12:21pm

My oncologist informed me this week that the Metacure trial for oligometastatic PC that I was participating had failed for me and that I would no longer be a part of the follow up of the trial. The trial consisted of a 24 week regiment of Erleda and Orgovyx with 5 rounds of radiation to the tumor in my chest. Post radiation PSA was undetectable for 12 weeks. On 8/28/2023 stopped all drugs PSA 0>.01 But on 12/11/2023 PSA was 0.02 then on 1/5/2024 PSA was 0.08. Two consecutive detectable readings meant the trial was not successful. This week PSA was up to 1.02 , PET/CT and all other scans came back "stable". No further treatments for now. I see my oncologist again in 12 weeks. I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer 3 1/2 years ago. I've had my prostate surgically removed, I've had 34 rounds of salvage radiation and I was part of a clinical trial. Three attempts at a cure, three failures. I am 64 years old and feeling well ( most of the side effects of the drugs have dissipated). I am pretty sure my treatment holiday won't last long...

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Thanks for the update and for being part of the process to learn and works towards a cure for prostate cancer. Whether we call it "durable remission" or a "chronic condition", I hope that you are able to find a reasonable path forward for long-lasting life and quality of life with low PSA levels.

The idea of intermittent (as opposed to continuous) ADT seems like a path forward for castrate sensitive prostate cancer. I've yet to get to this point, but it would take some "getting used to" the idea of having a low PSA riding at all times, but that might be the trade off for having some relief from the side effects.

keep the faith


Thanks for participating in the trial - all us benefit from what is learned in the trials. By “stable” does that mean that the radiation treatment to your chest tumor was successful such that it no longer shows up on the recent PSMA PET Scan? Have you undergone genetic / biomarker testing to understand any tumor mutations as they may apply to any future immunotherapy trials? There are always new treatments becoming available. Best wishes in your journey.


Thanks for your comments and well wishes.
Yes, the PSMA PET has shown that the radiation therapy was successful. And yes also to the question regarding if I have had genetic testing. My oncologist said that there were no current trials available to me at this time. I am hoping that the next round of ADT has less severe side effects.

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