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Posted by @marilyn713 in Brain & Nervous System, Aug 8, 2011

Hi. I'm recently diagnosed with a meningioma on the anterior portion of my right frontal lobe. It was an incidental finding after losing my senses of smell and taste. I'm waiting for a surgery date, and am wondering if anyone else out there has had a craniotomy. I know all surgeries are different, but I'd like to hear about surgery/hospital/recovery from a "real person" instead of an article. Thanks!


Posted by @suzeyq, Oct 26, 2011

Hello Marilyn! I recently went through a craniotomy as well (March 2011). Looks as if your post was from August, have you had your surgery by now? Would love to talk with you!


Posted by @kathig1, Nov 9, 2011

I had one done in Nov of went well thanks to the Mayo clinic...I had minimal pain and didn't even take my pain meds.


Posted by @stugibson, Feb 21, 2012

Hi Marilyn, I had a bifrontal craniotomy in Feb 2009 at Mayo Scottsdale. I also learned of my meningioma due to loss of smell/taste. The first few weeks of recovery were slow, but I was back at work in about 10 weeks. Great staff of PT/OT in Phoenix helped alot.

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