Medication injections in hip joints

Posted by bradleystrickland @bradleystrickland, Jul 18 2:32pm

Is it an acceptable practice to inject medications into hip joints in the groin area?

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I think so. I had a hip injection and that's where they did mine. They guided the location with a fluoroscopy. Pain relief lasted about 3 months but also told to eventually require a hip replacement.


Was it through the crotch ( groin) if so don't do it again! Mine was through the crotch just like yours. There are 13 to 15 lymph nodes in the crotch area. My doctor gave me 3 lidocaine and 3 anesthetic shot over a period of of 3 months one or more hit a lymph node rupturing it. When this happens the node spits out stem cells which turn to fat. The fat balloons out from golf ball size to grape fruit size mine is about a golf ball size. It causes extreme pain mistaken for hip joint pain. The treat is to remove this cyst a micro surgeon as to cut the cyst out and surgically attach the lymph duct into a blood vein if they don't your whole leg will fill with fat causing a full blown case of lymphedema I think they also call it elephantis you leg swells up that big VERY PAINFUL A lymph node is the size of a pea. Since it is soft tissue it does not show up on a fluoroscope. Unless a radioactive dye is injected in your lymph system. Normal approved injection ar through buttocks or side of thigh. Ps I am not a doctor I had to find these facts myself no doctor will give you a diagnoses as it is a malpractice issue and it is impossible to file a law suit depending what your state laws are. My procedure was 9 years ago and no doctor will see me as it is a Malpractice issue. But the malpractice statute of limitations ended 7 years ago in Indiana. GO figure!!! I got proof will post if requested. I HOPE A HIP DOCTOR SEES THIS!!

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