MCRC with peritoneal Mets. Is Immunotherapy an option?

Posted by tgoz @tgoz, 6 days ago

I have MCRC that has metastasized to the peritoneum. It has BRAFv600e mutation and is MS-Stable. I had a partial and then a full colectomy. 2 rounds of chemo and now taking Encorafenib and Panitumumab which reduced my CEA from 178 to 5. My CEA is now rising so it appears I am developing resistance to the meds. My cancer does not show up with scans and is non-resectable.
I just saw a paper from SWOG S2107 that indicates that immunotherapy may be effective after the administration of my current meds. It apparently turns MS-Stable look like MS-High and is a "primer" for immunotherapy.
My Oncologist stated that I won't qualify for a clinical trial because my cancer is not measurable.
Does anyone have a suggestion, or can you direct me to a program that may accept me? With my mutation there are no new meds that are effective.

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