Mayo mentions working with a cortisol pump. Anyone know about that?

Posted by drdinsmore @drdinsmore, May 6, 2023

I’m a 74YO female with many diagnoses but the main one is secondary adrenal insufficiency. I had a skull fracture 20 yrs ago that caused a razor thin bone to transect the hypothalamus from the pituitary.

The pituitary doesn’t release necessary hormones to my adrenal gland to make cortisol.

I’ve been barely living during this time on hydrocortisone tabs that by now are not being absorbed due to gastritis they cause.. As everyone on HC tabs knows, oral treatment causes our cortisol level to fluctuate wildly.

So for 2 weeks I’ve taken insulin syringes, calculated how many mls equal 3 mg of HC, and I’ve been injecting the doses 4-5 times a day subcutaneously. I take much less cortisol by my SC method. Otherwise my BP is routinely falling to 85/55, in the doc’s office, twice.

Wow.!! My body getting the actual power of cortisol like every one else. I felt this way when I was 20 years younger, before the skull fracture.

I remember!

I can continue this. I considered it in the first place from watching people in AI forums doing this while they waited for approval to get a cortisol pump. Does Mayo do them?

Refurbished insulin pumps made by Medtronic are being activated by new software.

There is some kind of war involving docs who will and docs who won’t prescribe these, like Omnipod or Medtronic’s pump. We patients are caught in the middle.

Is there help out there?

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I'm with you! Have you found anyone to work with you on this? My endo has been little to no help on this topic, and seems to feel my current "treatment" is acceptable... which is basically "take Xmg HC pills, and take more if you need it"


@drdinsmore and @chrisfires have your Dr’s approved injectable hydrocortisone? I have never heard of a cortisol pump and I don’t know much about the ailment you have. What I do know as a diabetic who uses an insulin pump is that they can be tricky to deal with. Years ago ago I had a Medtronic one. It was a bad experience. I’m currently using an Omnipod. It is challenging. I would say if your Dr’s approve hydrocortisone injections, that would be the way to go. At least until the cortisol pump issues are resolved. Injections are really not all that bad.

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