Mayo Jacksonville needing social worker, gastro patient

Posted by gastrogirl @gastrogirl, Dec 13, 2022

Hi! I go to the gastro dept in Jacksonville and I did do an online support group for NETS and the social worker on that meeting told me to request a social worker to help me get what I need. I been playing go between for a year now because I see so many different people there and I still have more to do. My gastro there is busy and keeps messing things up. The patient experience dept was of zero help to me and made matters worse. What I need is someone to help me get what I need without me hand holding and messaging like it is a full time job. To be honest, my gastro is dropping the ball a lot and I am too sick to keep after what I need. Can anyone tell me how to get a social worker? I heard there are some there that can help? Any advice would be wonderful. I need help!

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