May be time to leave group

Posted by elliej @elliej, Dec 12, 2022

I have only been a member of the Connection group since this fall. However, I have completed my surgery and post operative radiation treatment. This sight has been a wonderful source of information and support. I have participated in many discussions with newbies and veterans too, always trying to give pertinent suggestions and encouragement. However, I find that as I read daily concerns, I am feeling anxious and worried as I continue to read about members with complications, side effects, recurrences, and an array of sad discouraging stories.
I know my journey has helped several BC patients. I, in turn, have received helpful messages too. Just trying to stay positive and not worry any more, so, blessings and hugs to all as I leave the Connect site. ❤️

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@elliej, I'm so glad that you are prioritizing your mental health. I'm also grateful that you signalled your farewell. I always wonder when members go silent.

Indeed your experiences and breast cancer journey has helped many members, especially newly diagnosed members.

You can tailor your Settings ( to receive only emails and notifications that you wish to receive. And to stay connected where you wish to stay connected. Let me know if I can help.

Here's some helpful tips:
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Remember that Mayo Clinic Connect has many Support Groups ( should you face a new health challenge or question in the future. Connect will be here.

Thank you Ellie.


There is always a celebration when we know it is time to look forward and not backwards- better and stronger days ahead for you!

I hope to be right behind you at the start of the year!


You must do what makes you feel most comfortable. Good luck.


I've learned a lot of important, helpful information here. There is just so much that it can become confusing, overwhelming and occasionally depressing. Although now I know that a lot of the depressing is drug induced,which helps, I take breaks from the group when it becomes too much. I want to express extreme gratitude to the mentors who work so diligently to keep the threads civil, informed and provide so much support. You are true heroes. I will take breaks, there will be days I just delete the email without so much as a glance, but I doubt I'll ever completely quit. Thank you EVERYONE who participates. We're all important.

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