Mastoiditis: What treatment did you get?

Posted by jtatum @jtatum, Sep 8, 2021

Hi my father has been diagnosed with mastoiditis and the infection is in the bone behind the ear. They have put tubes in his ear and he has been on a month of oral antibiotics and then 6 weeks of a port put in and gets antibiotics twice a day for 6 weeks. He is still in severe pain and has lost 40 pounds. Nothing taste good and the infection is draining in his throat. He has given up. Please help. They say there is no surgery for this but I read otherwise. Help

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@jtatum, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can see you are very worried for your dad. According to this article ( the first line of treatment is antibiotics. Surgery might be considered if antibiotics do not clear the infection. Perhaps in your father's situation, there are other factors that make surgery too risky.

I'm tagging fellow members @nrd1 and @jenlink who may have some tips and experience to offer.

Jtatum, Antibiotics, while necessary, are hard on the system and can be quite draining. How many more weeks of antibiotics does he have left? Has his care team suggested taking probiotics?


Not that I am aware of. He just finished his 6 weeks of the port antibiotics.

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