Masking at Healthcare Facilities

Posted by tim1028 @tim1028, May 30 12:16am

Let's face it, we may be over Covid, but Covid is not over with us. A new variant is in the air, and who knows how it may play out. I have a rant about healthcare facilities where staff are not masking anymore. They are exposed to many patients, many of them sick, throughout the day. Without wearing a mask, they may be picking up Covid, flu, or other viruses from these patients and transmitting them to others. Is it too much to ask that healthcare workers mask when in contact with patients, or at least wear a mask if the patient is wearing one, or ask the patient if they prefer the staff to wear a mask? I expect healthcare staff to protect my health when I am a patient. I encountered a situation this week where a heart ultrasound was performed. The tech was not wearing a mask and occasionally turned to the side to cough. Thankfully, I was masked with an N95 mask during the whole procedure.

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erring on the side of caution is never a bad idea...

Use your common sense, don't listen to the either direction.

Do what you feel is safe.

My brother has had COVID 3 times. But, you know, he has a strong immune system and it wasn't bad for him.

I had COVID was very bad, I was close to going to the hospital.

Hey, bottom line...COVID is a form of PNEUMONIA! Why would people ever think that pneumonia is nothing to worry about?

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