Making meaningful connections

Posted by alive @alive, Sep 17, 2022

This week I was presented with an opportunity to host two international students for this school year. One student is an undergrad and the second one is a graduate student. I’m very excited about getting to know them, learning more about their home countries and cultures, and making them feel welcome.

During the last two years Covid made it difficult for me to volunteer, since I am immunocompromised. I feel more comfortable now. Plus, both students are fully vaccinated.

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How wonderful!
So, they stay at your home? Where do they come from this time?


My commitment as a host is to get together with them at least once a month: dinner, sightseeing, cultural event, hike in the mountains. They won’t live with me. My graduate student is from India and the undergraduate is from Kuwait.

We will celebrate their birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas together, if they are available.


Ah, I see! I thought you would be their host at home 😊
This is nice!

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