Making a appointment with Mayo for Lupus.

Posted by dorrielee @dorrielee, Sep 17, 2020

Does anyone know how I go about making a appointment with someone foe my lupus. I’m not having much luck in mason city I’m with only 1 specialist here. Do I need a referral?

If you go to a Mayo site about an illness or other condition you will see a box saying Make an Appointment or something close to that. Click that and you should be on your way. Give it a try.


@dorrielee — Here's the Mayo Clinic – Lupus page. You can click the Request an Appointment button on the page or you can call Mayo Clinic. The
contact information for Minnesota, Arizona and Florida can be found here


Hi @dorrielee, you may also be interested in reviewing the discussions in the Group called Visiting Mayo Clinic

In particular, see this discussion that @sadie168 started
– So many questions. Seeing Rheumatology and GI at Mayo JAX

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