Lyrica causing pain & body aches

Posted by fightingfibro0505 @fightingfibro0505, Nov 13 12:03am

Has anyone experienced Lyrica causing more pain than the medication relieving it?

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s syndrome, Central Sensitization Syndrome, SI joint osteoarthritis in beginning of 2021 at Mayo Clinic. I was originally prescribed Lyrica; it really helped when I was first diagnosed. I started going into remission at the end of 2021… but quickly fell out of remission in early 2022. It’s been a struggle since. Now I also have suspected neuropathy and POTS but waiting on tests. I had another accident in the middle of 2022 that raised my pain levels, almost doubling them.

Recently I ran out of my prescription for lyrica for 4 days due to switching doctors. I felt extra ‘flu-like’ however I noticed my pain levels were lower… once I got my refill I started having more pain, especially back pain. I’m wondering now maybe if the Lyrica is causing me more muscle and tissue pain.

Please let me know if you’ve experienced anything similar or have heard of this. Thank you!!!

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I've used Lyrica for a number of years an have had no problems

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