Anyone has experienced with Lynparza (olaparib)?

Posted by iboy @iboy, Apr 7 4:57am

My dad, 90, has experienced a metastasized PC (Gleason 9) for the last 5 years. Started with hormone therapy, his was on Xtandi for several months when his PSA is still 99. He is now prescribed with Lynparza. Anyone has experienced with Lynparza? how good is Lynparza? Thank you.


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Hi @iboy, I'm tagging @round5 @edmond1971 on this discussion as I believe they have experience with Lynparza (olaparib). You may also be interested in the comments in this related discussion:
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Adrian, when will your dad start olaparib? How is he doing? How are YOU doing?


Hi Colleen,

I am doing GREAT after my Radical Prostatectomy at Mayo Rochester in June 2023. Dr. Igor Frank helped me a lot, and we are still communicating frequently even though I'm on the other side of the globe.
PSA checked every 3 month, so far the result remains undetectable (0.01). Incontinence is gradually improving and after about 6 months I have experienced no incontinence at all. A bit struggling on impotence. Tried kegels and all the devices including Restorex. Finally a doctor gives me Trimix that helped a lot. But now I rarely used trimix as Cialis does a very good job. Perhaps it will improve overtime.

Five months after my Prostatectomy, I'm back to my daily 5K run to maintain my health.

My Dad, is prescribed with Lynparza but I need to get second opinion before buying the medicine, as I rarely hear about Lynparza in this and other discussion forum. Look forward to hear anyone with Lynparza (olaparib) experience.

Thank you and stay healthy to all of us!!

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