Lupron Treatment Duration: How long were you on it?

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I have been diagnosed with Grade 3 prostate cancer with a 4 + 3 Gleason score of 7. This after having 2 PSA scores last year between 4 and 7. The cancer has not spread to the bones. I have received two Lupron injections 3 months apart and will complete 28 radiation treatments in the next couple of days. No surgery. I have tolerated the Lupron shots well with few but manageable side effects. I have an appointment to receive a third Lupron shot next month. My first PSA test after completing radiation won’t be scheduled for 3 months. From researching Lupron, it appears that this is used for advanced stages of prostate cancer. From what I was led to believe, I was not advanced. My question: How long and how many Lupron shots might I need to go through? I will have this discussion with my urologist hopefully before proceeding with the next shot. Thanks for any information provided by the group.


Great question and one that I ask frequently. That said, I get mixed answers from MDs. My suspicion is that most take the "better safe than sorry" approach. Apart from the side effects (far from insignificant in my opinion), there is no doubt that lupron suppresses testosterone which feeds cancer cells. But if cancer is no longer present, why is lupron still needed? After 2 years and now an additional 6 months in your case, I wonder what the risk is by discontinuing lupron? My hunch is that the data is inconclusive. If there is good data, then your physician should be able to share it with you. While there is always risk, what's the percentage? Ultimately you should decide if the risk is worth taking. One major concern with an extended lupron treatment, as in your case, is whether your libido will ever return. The evidence suggests that it won't after extended ADG therapy — or won't to a significant degree. While this may not be a concern for you, it can be a concern for many.

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Thank you for the reply. I will talk with my Dr as these same questions you raised I have thought about and now it’s time to look for answers.


Glad to help. Please share the answers. Thanks.


You say your PCa is not in the bones, based on what, a scan, if so, would help the folks to know what kind of scan and what did it say, was it found in the pelvic lymph nodes, nothing visceral…

Her's an article which discusses ADT, Lupron, with radiation –

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