Posted by axiousmom @axiousmom, Apr 30, 2018

I'm a anxious mom, my 18 year old daughter found a round lump in her right breast. I took her to her doctor this morning. She said it feel oval shaped and she is not overly concerned but want her to see a breast surgeon and not blow it off. She said it probably nothing, but they never know when nothing can turn into something. Has anyone experienced anything like this? We now have to wait on a call to set an appointment with the surgeon, The doctor said they may watch it, do a scan, biopsy it, or remove it

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I've had benign cysts in the past. They are usually roundish, or oval, with smooth edges. Just to be safe, I'm guessing they will want a mammo. I would insist on at least a mammo.


Hi @axiousmom, I'm glad you're getting the lump checked out. Like JC, I have also had benign cysts. In fact the first large one was discovered when I was about the same age as your daughter. It was a long oval shape with smooth edges, which usually is typical of a cyst. When is the appointment with the surgeon?


I had my first 'lump' at 18 years old. It was a fibroadenoma - benign. I had a second lump at 30 years old, same thing and then had multiple cysts over the years. Scary, not fun to go through but generally at a young age, benign BUT you certainly must check these out all the time just to be sure. Hoping you find out it's nothing to worry about. It's important to always follow up on strange lumps and bumps.



I can only imagine your concern! As others have said, I am also glad to hear that you are following up. It is good to hear that the doctor thinks that it is nothing serious, but it is always important to be sure.

I look forward to hearing from you again.


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