lowering cholesterol naturally

Posted by airey2 @airey2, Sep 23, 2019

My cholesterol is about 10-20 points too high. So far the dr isn't doing anything to lower it, but I feel I should start lowering it naturally. However there are a few problems. (1) I am gluten free–possible celiac. I don't know if gluten free snacks can raise cholesterol or not. (2) I also have endometriosis on my intestines. both my primary and my ob/gyn have told me not to eat raw fruits or veggies. The fiber is too harsh for me. But I have no problems with my stools anyway. So how can I lower my cholesterol since I cannot eat raw fruits or veggies?
I do exercise. My office job usually requires a lot of walking and/or stairs and I also do about 20 mins walking at home. I do use an asthma inhaler and take other allergy prescription drugs-Nasonex and Singulair.

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I also have endometriosis & I was never told anything about foods. My endo is on my bowel & intestines.


My latest Mayo Clinic newsletter had some great information on lowering your cholesterol naturally.

Cholesterol-lowering supplements may be helpful

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