Lower back pain after surgery

Posted by luggsy @luggsy, Feb 28 2:07pm

Hi after being diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2019 Gleason score 4+3 then having robotic radical prostatectomy in 2020 blood tests to date psa remains undetected , since surgery after 6 days I was pain free the only pain I had was my lower back, in the 3 years since surgery I have had two 3 weeks where I have been bed ridden , still in pain to date any one else suffering lower back pain ?

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Yes, I just came across your post. I am one year past lrpt. I do have detectable ultrasensitive PSA (uPSA), but it is not detectably increasing at present. I am wondering if my back pain, most noticeable during the night or upon awakening, is related. In particular, I feel temporary acute pain when I lean over to flush the toilet while standing, and also while dressing. It seems to go away after awakening, but is back the next morning. It may be worse after multi-hour exercise the day before.


I have herniated disks in my lower back, but had it under control. Days after the surgery, I had back pain and advised my care team. Care team advised that it's normal due to back position during surgery. I have been elevating my knees with a pillow when I sleep and the back pain went away. Try elevating your knees when you lie down to see if will help with your back pain. Rudy

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