Lower abdomen, back, hip, pelvic pain

Posted by mariehh @mariehh, Nov 6, 2019

Hello there,
So nine months ago i started to notice an increase in urination, and dry mouth, increased thirst. By the way I am 24 years old and female. The urinary started to get worse along with urgency. I saw a primary and she just told me to try kegels. Two weeks later I had my first "flare up". I could not stop peeing, couldn't lay flat to sleep and which I couldn't sleep anyway, and lower stomach and pelvic pain. I am a gym health and fitness addict and I had also fallen on some steps two weeks prior. I have beens to doctor after doctor, had a CT, x-rays, MRI and nothing is showing up. I kept having the urinary symptoms and still do. I was put on amytriptylin which has made it for me to at least work most day. I have had more flare ups where basically I have to keep going pee, feel like I can't hold it, and it's gets to the point I have so much lower abdominal pressure back pressure that I have to sit and can no longer walk. It is almost like I am becoming paralyzed. I also went to physical therapy because they thought maybe hypertonic muscles in my pelvis floor. It helped a little but not much. I have been to urology, my primary, gynocology, and just recently gastro. I have this feeling in my pelvis everyday that never changes that feels like something is stuck or a burning feeling and then if I have a flare up, all of the other symptoms. I have tried muscle relaxers, urinary meds that made no difference. The only two things that help are amytriptylin and sometimes naproxen. I have wondered about a food allergy. I'm really lost on where to go.

@mariehh First, welcome to Mayo Connect. We're glad you found us. We are not medical professionals, and cannot diagnose nor offer medical advice. We can offer our support and share experiences, in the hopes of assisting others. Have you been able to keep a journal or timeline of all your symptoms, pinpoint the time of day it is worst for you? It must be frustrating to not have answers. If this was me, I would go back to your primary and insist on something being done. Referral to another urologist, or gastro-intestinal specialist. What makes you think this may be a food allergy? Do you have access to a environmental medical specialist? I hope you will come back and let us know what you find out!


@mariehh I'm so sorry you are in such pain. That is terrible . When you said you have a burning feeling right away I thought of nerves. I have this in my thighs Have you seen a neurologist? If you haven't I would suggest you may want to for his advice . Good luck

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