Low fiber foods to eat before colonoscopy?

Posted by theminster1 @theminster1, Nov 17, 2019

The instructions only tell me what not to eat. It would be helpful if they included suggestions on what food items are good to eat in the low fiber, non- dairy sphere.

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Hi, @theminster1 - welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Glad you've connected with @tomewilson and he's provided some information for you.

I also wanted to invite into this conversation other Connect members who have talked about colonoscopy, such as @meningone @astaingegerdm @ken82 @oceanone @jackiem95 @nettecook. Hoping they can share some suggestions on what food items are good to eat in the low fiber, non- dairy sphere before having a colonoscopy — perhaps what they or a loved one may have eaten before the procedure.

Will you be having your colonoscopy soon, theminster1? How are you feeling about it?


@theminster1 My doctor just has me “clean out” the day before. Foods and liquids you can have should be provided by your doctor. Chicken broth, orange or green jello, coffee without creamer, juices like apple with no pulp, Some sodas... you have to avoid any red or purple juices/jellos etc. It’s a simple procedure and you won’t feel anything. The cleaning out process is not fun but you can do it! 😉


I agree with @nettecook ..except I cannot do carbonated beverages as I have gastropaneisis. A slowing of stomach emptying. This condition required that I take two days to reduce fiber and go to a smoothie diet.. I ate a lot of non dairy ice cream made with avocados..

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