Low fiber diet for salvage RT to pelvic lymph node basin questions

Posted by robertmizek @robertmizek, May 27 1:27pm

Hi all. I’m hoping to hear from fellow PCa patients who endured a low fiber diet and can share ideas of what they ate while on the diet, and of course hear some helpful advice.

I had salvage RP January 2 024 after failed focal brachytherapy in 2020. Stage 3 oligometastic Gleason grade 9. Post RP PET-PSMA test showed likelihood of PCa in one obturator lymph node that couldn’t be reached in RP. The prostate bed will be avoided because of the brachytherapy in 2020. I’m currently on Orogovyx and Zytiga with undetectable PSA. 33 sessions of EBRT to the lymph node basin planeed to start 6/4/24. RO wants me on a low-fiber / low gas / low residue diet for the duration. 8 grams of fiber max per day.

No fresh fruit or vegetables, no caffeine drinks or alcohol, nothing made with tomatoes including spaghetti sause and bbq sauce. No products with whole grain or seeds including whole grain gpbread and pasta. No shrimp, lobster, sausages, hot dogs, sushi. No brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, popcorn, etc. No dairy unless it’s lactose free. No. Soy milk.

Lotsa “no’s”!

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My RO was not as restrictive, with an emphasis on more meals with higher protein (healing, and elimination of any foods which typically cause gas (asparagus, beans, beer, broccoli, cabbage, corn, cucumbers, eggs, dairy, mushrooms, nuts, peppers and spicy foods). Drinking a lot of water was important. Given that everyone is different, I experimented to figure out which vegetables, fruits, pastas, etc that I could tolerate without gas. I also avoided foods that are labeled sugar-free, since these have ingredients that can cause gas. I used salmon and chicken for my non-plant protein, and didn’t have any gas problems. I was also able to tolerate tomato based pasta sauces (home made, cooked). I was also able to tolerate oat meal. For any food/drink cravings that might result in gas, I used Friday and Saturday evenings to experiment.


Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ll keep that in mind. Have an awesome day!


I have posted this previously: The perfect radiation diet is a double whopper w/ cheese and fries. Hold the pickle, lettuce and tomato. 3 meals daily.
And call your cardiologist🤭

More seriously though, I modified my otherwise very high fiber diet, which keeps me very regular (Amtrak should run with my regularity) and gave me the "mostly empty rectum". And I reduced, but did not eliminate, the fiber and most gas producing foods (limited brocolli and bye-bye black beans).

And did not get booted from the table (fortunately)✌️

Also took a GasX at night after eating. That might be my best suggestion.

Good luck. And apologies for my attempts at humor.


Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it. Love your sense of humor. Laughter is the best medicine! Best wishes for success on your journey with PCa.

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