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Posted by JasonEllison @jasonellison, Jan 11, 2013

Im writing on behalf of my father who is currently a patient at Mayo clinic Arizona. He is dealing with Liver failure and has since become Diabetic. His medications are extremely expensive and insurance isnt covering much. He is on disability. Are there any programs or anything I can do to lesson his cost of medications? What options are available to him? The insulin is a real killer in cost.He is almost to the point where he will have to not take certain prescriptions do to the cost.

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Has he tried a holistic approach to his health problems? Juicing, raw food diet?


Jason, I would suggest that you talk with his doctor/medical staff about resources, if you have not already done so. Also, I have seen a link about financial assistance on the American Liver Foundation website. And there is a Chronic Disease Fund website that might have some information. http://www.cdfund.org
Hope this helps. Rosemary


The social worker at Mayo Clinic Arizona should be able to assist your father with options that might be available for his medication costs. He should contact his doctor's office and ask for a social worker appointment or consultation to discuss this.


Almost all pharmaceutical companies have an Indigent Patient Program which will provide medications they produce at no cost. The patient must complete an application form that inquires about income and financial resources. A person need not be totally destitute to qualify and total family living in the home are counted as far as income is concerned. Typically a family income of $3,000 to $4,000 per month would qualify. If there is any insurance for medication, even if it doesn't cover all the cost, the patient is not qualified.

The contact for the Indigent Patient Program should be found on the company website or by obtaining a phone number from the physician or pharmacist.

Some communities have voluntary non-profit agencies that assist in this process, since physicians are reluctant to get into the area of asking questions about income and resources and handling the extra paperwork.

I helped set up such a community program called Med-Bank over 20 years ago and it has helped thousands of patients.

This website provide abundant information on how to get connected with the right program for your Dad. It is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to get persons the information you are requesting. http://www.needymeds.org/

May you all have a Blessed Easter.

Wayne Welch, LCSW

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