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Looking for advice..hemochromatosis

Posted by @oliverlaurena in Digestive Health, Apr 27, 2014

Looking for advice...I am 37 years old. For the last two years I have been experiencing food intolerances and mouth sores. The doctors have run all the lab work possible, allergy tests, and have done a colonoscopy. Nothing has been found. The only thing that seems to help is not eating gluten. But, even with that I still have really bad diarrhea around my period. This month the diarrhea is so bad I have had bleeding hemorrhoids for a week now. Taking my breath away pain.....Please HELP...

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Posted by @olboy1140, Apr 27, 2014

have you had other organs checked like your liver and pancreas?


Posted by @oliverlaurena, Apr 27, 2014

I was able to find a liver test in my record....all levels were within normal range.
Total Protein 6.3 - 8.0 g/dL 6.6
Albumin 3.5 - 5.0 g/dL 4.0
Bilirubin, total 0.1 - 1.5 mg/dL 0.3
Bilirubin, conjugated


Posted by @kinde, Apr 27, 2014

I have food intolerance issues and also digestion issues and just got diagnosed for hemachromatosis which is iron overload that is hereditary. Going back to see what they can do for me but in the meantime I am putting probiotic powder from the pills in my mouth and that helps so much! The iron overload is creating lots of yeast in my system and it is awful!

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Apr 30, 2014

Hi @kinde. I'm so sorry to hear about your digestion issues. Here is a link to some lifestyle and home remedies for hemochromatosis: Hope this helps.


Posted by @jackedison, May 13, 2014

what are other symptoms you are facing along with diarrhea?

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