Local RAYUS Radiology report was grossly inaccurate.

Posted by rogerc525 @rogerc525, Mar 11 10:43pm

Anyone know how it is that two (2) radiologists can look at the same MRI with one reporting two lesions rated PIRADS 3 and 4 while the other radiologist reports only one lesion and rates it a 2?

Had Mayo re-read my MRI report from RAYUS Radiology who had reported two (2) lesions, PIRADS 3 and 4. Mayo’s report indicates only one (1) lesion rated a PIRADS 2. I also had Mayo do the guided biopsy which resulted in 15 cores all benign.

Nobody wants to second guess the medical community, however, it’s quite plain to see many really don’t know what they’re doing here.

Measure twice…cut once.

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