Lobectomy scheduled—What kind of home help will I need?

Posted by onestepatatime @onestepatatime, Feb 16, 2021

I’m scheduled for a laparoscopic robotic lobectomy in a few weeks. I’ve gotten mixed answers about aftercare from my surgeon and someone who had similar surgery more than 10 years ago. The surgeon thinks I’ll be released the day after the surgery and be able to drive myself home without help. The former patient thinks I’ll need help at home for a week. If you had this surgery, did you need help with showering & dressing? Were you able to fix simple meals & load the dishwasher? I’m right-handed and half of my right lung will be removed. I’ve thought about checking into assisted living for a few weeks after surgery, but it would be an out-of-pocket expense. I’m a senior citizen who lives alone in a rural area about an hour away from a hospital.

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I just had this surgery on July 27. Was in the hospital for 2 weeks and have been home one week. I can do small chores like loading/unloading dishwasher, some cooking, but my husband had to help me shower. Used a shower chair. Still in a lot of pain.

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I have been so lucky but I will say that having a helping hand in the shower is a win win situation for anyone lol you should run with that one and keep it going why not ha ha


I am doing well with my surgery and recovery i was back to work in two weeks I went back to my doctor it’s been six months since my surgery was done and everything is looking good I am going to have a pet scan next week to see what happens when they see the picture with the die in my body just to be safe. Thanks for the asking me sincerely Kevin Holmes

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You are welcome Kevin

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