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Living without a hip

Posted by @mary121658, Dec 5, 2018

Does anyone know how it is to be without a hip. I've had 4 surgeries in the past 6 months all due to infections in the artificial hip. The hip was removed and replaced with a spacer and that got infected within weeks. They removed the spacer and put antibiotic seeds in. I've been without a hip since June. I can't walk, have sex or even stand for a minute. I'm on antibiotics permanently which I believe after so much they no longer work. I don't even know how I got the first infection cuz I had the hip replacement for over a year when I woke up screaming one day. Any advice would be appreciated. Oh I don't have much luck with this kind of surgery cuz the other hip was done 3 years before the 2nd one and that leg is useless. The surgeon cut nerves and I woke up screaming and a neurologist did nerve conduction studies and found I had RSD. Very excruciating painful disease due to the mistakes made during surgery. I have drop foot and rotation up above the knee so I can't even count on that leg for help in walking. If anyone has experience with this I'd appreciate hearing from you


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