Living with pain following refusal of reverse shoulder replacements

Posted by koala78 @koala78, Apr 1 11:08am

Needing both shoulders replaced via reverse replacements but refusing due to concerns of dislocations, infections in future - have had multiple complications with hip replacements. Would still be using walker and putting heavy pressure on replaced joints. However in extreme pain and only 60 - any alternatives to surgery? Physio, acupucture, cortisone shots etc have not worked.

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@koala78 This is purely a "shot in the dark" but can you find a prosthetist or orthopedic doctor to fit you with custom shoulder braces? I don't know that "off the rack" devices would work since you have 2 bad shoulders.
Also, a good physiotherapist could do a thorough analysis and fit you with an upright walker. I have a friend who depends on hers after multiple hip surgeries and a missing tendon. The "Rollator" brand are particularly good at maintaining a natural upright walking position, with forearms resting at a right angle and shoulders in a neutral position.

I completely understand your reluctance for more surgeries, so this might be a solution...


Good evening, @sueinmn and @koala78. As a reverse shoulder replacement patient, I try to stay up to date with shoulder help and support. Right now, I am struggling with my other shoulder, which seems to be clamoring for a chance at its reverse surgery opportunity. Like you, @koala78, I am now 82, hoping to avoid the "reverse." I have had one regular rotator cuff surgery already and am now trying MFR, myofascial release, twice a week. That helps when the barometric pressure stays above 30, and I don't try to lift anything.

Last week, I read a post from another Connect patient who had success with a Revix Shoulder Plush lining gel ice pack, which is available on Amazon. I'll try to post a picture so you can take a look. Just might be worth trying. Let me know what you think if you decide to give it a try.
May you be safe, protected, and free from inner and outer harm.

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