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I was diagnose with liver disease over 5 year ago, I don't drink alcohol or smoke. I have being having complication with my stomach and the doctor cant pin point the pain. I have got another ultrasound but the doctor is saying is the same as 5 year ago. The test show this for Gallbladder and Liver:

Gallbladder: Echogenic, shadowing gallstones with no gallbladder wall thickening, distension, pericholecystic fluid, or focal tenderness over the gallbladder. Cholelithiasis

Liver: PORTAL VEINS: There is hepatopetal flow into the liver in the main portal vein. The intrahepatic portal veins are patent. No reversed (hepatofugal) portal venous flow out of the liver is seen to suggest portal hypertension. The velocity in the main
portal vein is 31.6 cm/s. (Normal portal vein velocity is 15-30 cm/s).


HEPATIC VEINS: The right, left, and middle hepatic veins are patent. The hepatic veins possess a triphasic waveform, with both respiratory variation and cardiac pulsatility.

HEPATIC ARTERY: The hepatic artery is patent with a peak systolic velocity of 87 cm/s. (Normal hepatic artery velocity is 30-60 cm/s).

Is it best for me to get a second opinion in a diffrent doctor or just go with what my doctor told me. Is my first time and need more advice with somebody that is going thru the same situation as mine.

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Drink a glass of warm water every morning with real sliced lemon in it. I put a small amount of honey in mine.

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