Lingering issues 16 months after TKR

Posted by ellerbracke @ellerbracke, Jan 10 6:11am

In spite of very good results from my TKR in September of 2018 – great flex, fully functional – I am still having some problems. The knee moves perfectly re. forward/backward motion, and up/down. However, anything involving some torque, or pulling on it, is not comfortable. For example, if my foot gets snagged on something, like vines in the garden, or a bunch of bedding on the floor while making the bed, it is Ouch! Will be heading to an area with lots of snow soon for vacation, and I can imagine that I won’t be able to walk in snow any higher than perhaps ankle height…..Same with simply standing and bending leg inwards to pull off a sock. Not good, unless I first brace the TKR leg with help of hand against the other leg. And even though I am finally able now to get out of my car (sedan, not SUV) the normal way – left leg out, foot on ground, followed by twisting right leg to join, it is not natural or comfortable yet. Most of the time I still prefer the turn on seat, both legs out together method. Granted, neither of these things are serious or very limiting, but after more than a year I was hoping that the torque ability would have returned to pre-surgery status. Any long-term TKR members have these problems as well, or how did you fix them?

@ellerbracke I am not aware of having these problems but maybe if I pay more attention I will discover I do! I will try to notice and get back to you if I do or do not. I suspect that discomfort from twisting may be something that is common. If it's not severe you probably just have to learn to live with it. I do know I pretty much get out of the car in a normal way, or did until I fractured my upper femur. Now when I get in the passenger seat I sort of have to live my L leg to get it in comfortably. I know I get in on the driver side fine though.
Bottom line though, you probably just have to learn to live with it and try to not let it bother you. I envy people who can get back to activities like tennis, skiing, etc. I would love to be able to ski again but now that I have osteoporosis that would be out of the question anyway. I think those people who can do those activities after having one or two TKRs are in the minority.


@ellerbracke that is so disconcerting – I want to see what others say about their experiences over a year out.

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